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The complexities of today's tax and regulatory systems have reached an apex never seen before.. Creating wealth has become taboo to some, but we believe that the fruits of your labor should be yours to distribute. Thus, of necessity, our clients need to focus on the long term issues relating to the succession of their business and personal estates. Whether the objective is the avoidance of probate, confidentiality or the avoidance of tax liability, we counsel clients in all aspects of planning to ensure we have taken advantage of the opportunities available to meet their goals and objectives.

To accommodate this need, and to give clients the piece of mind that comes along with having “things in order,” we provide estate and business succession planning, probate and trust administration services. From simple wills to trusts to limited partnerships or beyond, by working in concert with our client's and their accountant, broker, banker and insurance professionals, we can tailor a plan that will meet and accomplish the client's succession planning goals.