With farmer's-turned-lawyers in our stable, we recognize the ever-expanding complexities of today's agribusiness economy. The members of our agribusiness practice have many years of experience representing private and cooperative agricultural supply and grain companies and agri-businesses in all aspects of their operations. Of necessity, this includes collections, creditor's bankruptcy matters, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and finance as well as real estate and employment law matters. We also provide professional representation to our client’s in commercial litigation, contract, and related matters, as well as in state and federal administrative and regulatory settings.

Banking and Finance

We serve as counsel for banks and financial institutions, holding companies, and investors.  We counsel our banking and finance clients on mortgage and foreclosure matters, UCC topics, customer bankruptcies, contract construction and interpretation, loan participation agreements, and in a variety of regulatory compliance settings.​​  We provide a full spectrum of services up to serving in an "in house" counsel role, including:

  • interaction with subordinated lenders, equity investors, developers, contractors, and service providers

  • litigation services from simple collections and foreclosures to bankruptcy disputes

  • lending documentation, loan workouts, and distressed loan administration

  • attendance at loan committee and board meetings​

  • employment and employee-related matters

  • trust administration and probate matters

Business & Corporate Law

Businesses are who we represent, and we believe successful clients should be a hallmark of good representation. Whether they be corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, not-for-profit associations, foundations or sole proprietorships, our corporate practice is specifically charged with the task of keeping our clients in good standing in all states in which they do business, and when applicable, protecting the liability shield afforded by law. From incorporation to shareholder disputes to mergers or consolidations, we have a long tradition of corporate representation, all resulting in experience that you can rely upon to meet your corporate and organizational needs.

Commercial Law & Litigation

It is our goal to avoid litigation when possible and to aggressively represent our client’s interests when it is not. With more than 50 years of combined litigation experience, we stand ready to represent you should the need arise. Whether your problem is a simple eviction, an insurance claim, or a complex construction or contract matter, we are staffed and ready to provide prompt, experienced, and aggressive representation. We do our own work, try our client's cases, and if necessary prosecute our own appeals...and in all cases and instances, we will do so in a professional and straightforward manner, and provide you with the legal guidance needed to make the decisions presented to best protect your interests.


We have many long-standing relationships with many businesses in the construction industry, from small subcontractors to lumber yards and suppliers to nationally known design-and-build firms. Whether your business is in need of advice on contractual matters, internal and corporate governance, employment issues or mechanics liens, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in navigating your way to a satisfactory resolution...or to defend your position in court.


We hope to never need to represent clients in criminal matters, but when necessary we understand and firmly believe that one of the fundamental rights provided by the Constitution is that all individuals are presumed innocent. It is with this in mind that we diligently investigate and pursue evidence with respect to the charges levied against our clients. We attempt to do so in a quick and complete manner, hoping to leave no stone unturned in our effort to provide an accurate, truthful, and vigorous defense to all charges.

We have access to the investigative and technical professionals to support our defense efforts and will provide recommendations and guidance on the proper defenses available. We will also provide an accurate, honest, and complete evaluation of any offer to resolve or settle any claims when the situation dictates.

Divorce &
Family Law

We represent clients in all family law matters, including divorce, child custody, child support, and visitation matters. The legal issues associated with any such matter must be handled appropriately and compassionately. It is our policy to completely explain to our clients their legal rights and to further attempt to enforce those rights in a manner that is protective of our client’s emotional and financial well-being.

By being sensitive to our client’s emotional and financial needs, we believe we can more effectively and quickly seek out and attempt to negotiate a fair resolution to allow the parties to move forward with the least amount of disruption to their daily lives and routine.  Should that not occur, we will present the client with the available options, and when needed, aggressively defend our client's position in court.

Accordingly, it is our general policy to respond to client questions and concerns within 24 hours and to develop a response to concisely address our client’s concerns. We believe that bringing logic and reason to an otherwise emotionally-charged conflict is often the most efficient way to resolve such matters.

Estate &
Succession Planning

The complexities of today's tax and regulatory systems have reached an apex never seen before.. Creating wealth has become taboo to some, but we believe that the fruits of your labor should be yours to distribute. Thus, of necessity, our clients need to focus on the long term issues relating to the succession of their business and personal estates. Whether the objective is the avoidance of probate, confidentiality or the avoidance of tax liability, we counsel clients in all aspects of planning to ensure we have taken advantage of the opportunities available to meet their goals and objectives.

To accommodate this need, and to give clients the piece of mind that comes along with having “things in order,” we provide estate and business succession planning, probate and trust administration services. From simple wills to trusts to limited partnerships or beyond, by working in concert with our client's and their accountant, broker, banker and insurance professionals, we can tailor a plan that will meet and accomplish the client's succession planning goals.

Mergers & Acquisitions

In today’s tax-driven world, the complexities of business transactions make it necessary to accurately and completely document any transaction. The vast array of pitfalls to any merger or acquisition require due diligence and responsiveness to a degree not seen in the past. It is in the areas of planning, development, and negotiation counsel can be most beneficial, and it is in these areas that we have a long history of success. Whether the transaction involves a “mom and pops” business or a multi-million dollar deal, we have the experience and knowledge to complete the transaction.

Our goal is to be a positive force in such transactions, searching for solutions rather than roadblocks, all toward completion of the transaction. By assisting our client, and our client’s other professionals in the due diligence and negotiation process, we can do the homework, allowing our clients to obtain a better understanding of the transaction, all in an effort to avoid future problems and disappointments.

Municipal Law

We have a broad range of experience representing governmental entities and agencies, including cities, villages, park districts, airports, sanitary districts, fire protection districts, pension funds, and state agencies. We have advised and represented governmental entities with respect to a broad range of activities, from the preparation of simple ordinances through the development of comprehensive zoning plans, TIF districts, and the revision and adoption of complete municipal or district codes.

We have focused on updating and improving the ordinances, regulations, and policies of our clients to provide for better efficiency and enforcement. We have advised clients with respect to the contract, taxation, levy, and employee related matters, including employee benefit and retirement/pension issues.

Finally, when the need arises, and short of a negotiated resolution, we have and will continue to aggressively defend our client’s positions in court and through the administrative law process.

Real Estate

Our experience in real estate is broad. We believe it is important for us to serve as a facilitator for you, thinking outside the box to help accomplish your objectives. We even have our own title plant and title company to make sure our clients get the best representation we can provide.


We have represented clients in matters across the full spectrum of real estate issues, including:

  • ​​representation of developers in matters from purchasing to financing to zoning and the resulting sales

  • sales/purchases of single properties to the sale of entire subdivisions for commercial or residential use

  • the lease or sale of commercial or residential units in all shapes and sizes

  • the organization and representation of homeowners and condominium owners associations

  • the development, drafting, and implementation of covenants, restrictions, and land use guidelines


Technology continues to develop at an unbelievable pace.  We have devoted a great deal of time to developing the working knowledge and relationships necessary to provide advice and counsel on technology and related matters.  Today’s technology issues go far beyond the now traditional software licensing and contractual matters. E-commerce, electronic signatures, data protection, and confidentiality issues are but a few of the new areas where the law is evolving, making it difficult for you to feel safe in your efforts. We can assist you in putting technology to work to your advantage, and protecting your confidential information and intellectual property.